Learner drives after 17 beers

DRINKING 17 beers and getting behind the wheel as a learner driver was the wrong decision for Aaron Scott Schuberth, 21, who now has to find almost $2000 to pay fines imposed by the court.

Schuberth represented himself in Orange Local Court and when asked by magistrate Terry Lucas the reasons for his actions he replied:  “I know it was a stupid thing to do. I won’t do that again.”

Schuberth was pulled over by police for a random breath test at 1.04am on January 4 as he was approaching the Dalton and Sampson streets intersection.

Although he had two male friends in the vehicle with him, neither of them were qualified to supervise their friend who was driving a silver Holden.

When Schuberth was breath tested at the scene he blew a positive reading and was arrested and taken back to Orange Police Station.

A further test followed and he recorded a mid-range reading of 0.111.
When interviewed at the station, police said the accused told them he had consumed 17 beers throughout the day prior to his arrest.

Schuberth was then charged by police with being a learner driver unaccompanied and with a mid-range PCA offence.

By entering a plea of guilty to both charges Schuberth automatically benefited from a reduction in penalty.

Mr Lucas told Schuberth he only had 28 days to pay his fine and if that wasn’t possible he could consult with court staff who could help him make other arrangements for payment.

“I warn you - don’t drink and drive again,” Mr Lucas said.

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