POLL: Drivers, your number is up

PARKING in the central business district may be revolutionised if number plate recognition technology gets the go-ahead from Orange City Council. 

One of the recommendations from the city’s recent parking study is to equip vehicles with the technology so that parking inspectors can cruise the streets and do their job rather than walk the beat with chalk.

The technology will hit Bathurst streets by the end of the year and Orange may not be far off. 

Orange council spokesman Allan Reeder said the technology was only one of several recommendations staff were investigating. 

He said nothing was set in concrete and staff were about to be briefed on the results of the survey before it was opened up to public discussion. 

“ The suggestion of installing parking sensors in high-demand parking areas was also examined,” he said. 

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“A parking inspector in a car can cover much more ground than an officer on foot. 

“Drivers in Orange would respond to the greater likelihood of copping a parking fine once they learnt a new system was in place.”

If the Orange system was to mimic the one to be introduced in Bathurst, the number plate recognition technology would capture about five images of each parked car.

The parking officer would later return to the car, the recognition technology would again scan the number plates and fines would be issued to anyone who had been parked there too long.

The technology cost Bathurst council about $100,000 for one car.

Mr Reeder said he could not provide any further details for Orange until council staff had been briefed and a report was presented to council. 

“Council members are very keen to improve parking in the CBD of Orange and they’ll be  weighing up the options and listening to the community in the coming months,” he said. 

In the 2013/2013 financial year Orange City Council issued 3743 parking fines worth $429,806. So far this financial year council has issued $224,730 worth of fines. 


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