Lee polishes off Tigers win

A NINE-DART finish is the ultimate checkout in darts, constituting a perfect game but it’s notoriously difficult to achieve, even by the game's top professionals.

Considered the highest single-game achievement in the sport, it’s similar to a maximum 147 break in snooker, a  a 300-point game in bowling, a golden set in tennis, or six sixes in an over in cricket.

One way of getting a nine-dart finish is by hitting three triple 20s (180) in the first throw of three darts, doing the same in the second throw and then hitting triple 20, triple 19 and double 12 to go out in the third throw.

The Pommy professionals can get a bonus of at least $16,000 hitting a nine-dart finish.

Getting one is way beyond players in the Orange men’s darts competition but there’s some who can finish a game in a small number of darts.

Great Western Tiger Lee Byrnes had a 16-dart game in the last round and also hit a 180 along with 140, 135, 125 and 101 to put the polish on a top night.

The Tigers went on to get the narrowest 6-5 win over the Victoria Socialites after the match was all square at 5-5 with the result coming down to the double in the final triples.

 Ken Kostitch (7x100), Barry Wicks (4x100), Allan Hurford (123, 100) and Jason Hurford (2x100, 140) were the other Tigers to fire.

 Jamie Dykstra  (4x100), Norm Foley (131, 120, 100), Ben McIntosh (100), Les Connor (132, 120, 100) and Brett Quick (140, 125, 100) were the top scorers for the Socialites.

Rob Crowe, another player on the ball, had a 17-dart game for Hotel Orange’s Dad and Daves while Jay Jordan checked out one game in 19 darts.

 The team produced one of its best matches for some time, knocking over premiers Victoria Spitfires 7-4 with Rob Crowe (3x100, 2x125) Adam Ross (2x140, 122, 100), John Fabar (3x100, 2x125), Jay Jordan (4x100, 112), new player Rod Miller (4x100, 134) and Kevin Newson (120, 100) hitting the big scores.

Mark Wiegold (2x140, 2x100, 135) again put in a big effort for the Spitfires, backed up by Nathan Fitzpatrick (3x100), Damien Caughlan (100 140) and  Josh Rodwell (135).

In division two the Carrington Redbacks had an 8-3 win over the Royal Half Dozen but most of the games came down to the doubles.

Bruce Osborne was back on deck for the Redbacks and had a solid start pegging out on double 2 and hitting 121.

The other Redbacks’ top scorers were Peter Hamilton (132), Chris Swain (122) and Rob Herbert (100).

The Half Dozen’s top scorers were Bradley Walker (100), Colin Rapley (100) and Mick Trott (100).

 The Royal was too strong for the Victoria Outcasts winning 8-3 with Phillip Barker (100), Dave Christopher (100) and Luke Mavrak (100) getting the high scores.

 The Victoria DTs had an 8-3 win over the new team Great Western Paddlepops with Max Dennis 100, Will Harvey 100, 103, 121 and Craig Ross 125, 100 doing the best.

The men’s presentation will be held on March 1 at Newstead Bowling Club with team numbers and names to be in at the Victoria Hotel by February 15.

All scores to be at the Victoria 1pm on Saturdays.

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