Can you help identify this unknown soldier?

SOMEONE knows whether this man was a husband, a father or a brother and someone knows why he travelled from here to Western Australia to enlist as a soldier.

The identity of this man has plagued Donna Weaver since her mother found the photo among her father's possessions, after he died years ago.

Ms Weaver and her mother Margaret Sharp, who now lives in Parkes, believe this man is from the central west and was a friend of her grandmother, Dulcie Sharp who married Arthur Sharp and lived in Canowindra.

The couple had one son, Laurie Sharp, who had this photo, among others of military men,  which was taken in Orange. 

Ms Weaver is on a mission to identify all of the people from her family's past.

"We would really like to find out, to share the photos with their family and friends," she said.

"We think it is really important to share these kinds of things, to share history."

The pair started identifying the military photos with various degrees of success and set up a weekly #mysterymonday facebook page where she posted a photo once a week in a bid to find family or friends who could shed some light on the boys' past.

"The first mystery Monday was a great success and we think we have found Private Patchy Fuller's son," she said.

"We are waiting on this lead with much excitement."

Ms Weaver had been trawling through Trove, on the National Library of Australia website to gather information about the group of soldiers, this man was with,  and she believed they held reunions in Temora.

She also went to the National Archives in Canberra and viewed their original service history.

"An interesting thing to note is that they all seemed to have enlisted in Western Australia," she said.

"We think this is quite bizarre, since the majority seem to be New South Wales boys.

"We'd love to hear from anyone who knows why they would have gone to Western Australia to enlist."

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Full article with more photos will be published in the print version of the Central Western Daily. 

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