CRICKI LEAKS: Running race a funny concept

CRICKI Leaks would this week like to tip our hat to the Orange City Cricket Club.

Innovative. Entertaining. Weird. Wonderful.

The club’s running of the Cosgrove Cup - a 60-metre marathon tuned into the club’s slug-like athletes - is surely something the Orange District Cricket Association hierarchy can pick up and run with; an ideal way to bring the ladies back to the cricket we think.

Pitting the slowest of the slow in the Warriors ranks head-to-head at Riawena Oval on Tuesday night, Shaun Churchill claimed the inaugural slow-man’s cup in a canter, if cankles the size of Churchill’s are capable of such a stride.

Churchill pipped City’s finest, led by stalwart Jamie Stedman, Matt Findlay, Mick Corby, Dave Boundy, Jake Hannus and the last-placed Troy O’Keefe, for the momentous victory.

Word out of the City camp is O’Keefe was running so slow some punters thought he was running backwards.

Others say it’s the fastest O’Keefe has ever run.

Either way, the race is a brilliant concept.

Imagine the slowest men in Orange cricket going the distance at the change of innings of the Royal Hotel Cup final at Wade Park.

If they can make the 130-odd metres in the 10 minutes it takes for teams to finish one innings and begin the next, then a sprint from the southern to the northern end of the iconic ground would be breathtaking, perhaps literarly for a few of the participants.

Cricki Leaks has seen the form from various ODCA clubs and with O’Keefe a certain starter for the Warriors, here’s who we’d like to challenge for slowest man in Orange honours.

Centrals star ‘Chilli’ Willy Richard has some serious wheels. CYMS quick Chris Novak is anything but without the ball in hand.

Waratahs all-rounder Rippan Shulka is an early favourite while, perhaps ominously, reports out of the Cavaliers camp suggest quicker feet have been seen on three-toed sloths than those helping James Ryan between the wickets.

The athletic nature of most of the Kinross kids would likely see most of them scratched, but if there’s a student who fancies himself a hope of glory, they’re in.

This race has the potential to be Bruce McAvaney special.

Here’s hoping the concept has legs.

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