Employee theft flirting with trouble

FLIRT Adult Store had a policy of cash only for sales of synthetic drugs and Wendy Shaiane Logan took advantage of that policy.

While working as a cashier at the store in 2012, Logan stole $3306 in cash, which was supposed to be secreted away in a safe in a separate room to the cash register, as well as stealing $69.98 worth of adult toys. 

The 22-year-old woman pleaded guilty to the crimes in Orange Local Court on Thursday. 

Police statements said the thefts occurred between September 19 and November 12, during which time Logan was employed at the shop on a probationary basis. 

Logan told police she was instructed to take cash from synthetic drug sales and put the money in a safe, but instead she put it in her handbag, stashed it somewhere to pick up at the end of her shift or, at times, hid it in her bra. 

“He wanted me to put that money straight into a safe so those sales were not registered,” Logan told police during an interview.

Police said the  store owner noticed a discrepancy in his business takings during November and carried out an internal audit.

The owner then reviewed CCTV footage and saw Logan hide the money on several occasions, and saw her steal the adult toys. 

He confronted Logan and she confessed to the crime.

She said she did it because she was in a large amount of debt with her mother. 

The owner reported the theft to police on December 14.

Logan was interviewed by police, who said she was crying and extremely remorseful over what she had done. 

Magistrate Terry Lucas gave Logan a section 9 good behaviour bond for 12 months, but it means she will have a conviction recorded against her name. 

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