Man intent on ignoring police

ROBERT Bourne narrowly escaped going to jail after he refused to leave the vicinity of a licensed premises and tried to attack police officers who arrested him. 

The 31-year-old’s solicitor, Toby Tancred, described the statement of facts written about his client as “grisly”. 

At about 11pm on December 14, 2013 Bourne was refused entry to the Royal Hotel because he was intoxicated but instead of going home, like he was asked to do by security staff, he hung around outside, according to police.

After security repeatedly told him to leave, they called the police who managed to convince Bourne to go home.

Or so they thought. 

At about 2.20am police found Bourne had returned to the pub and was sitting in the gutter “well affected by alcohol”.

Again, police encouraged him to go home and watched him cross the road towards Robertson Park but 15 minutes later, the determined man returned. 

He appeared out the front of the Royal where he stuck his hand through an open, glass window and high-fived a friend. 

Police gave Bourne an infringement notice but he still refused to leave. 

Eventually police arrested him and tried to put him in a caged vehicle. 

He then kicked out at police, fell over in the vehicle, violently thrashed his legs in their direction and tried to climb out. 

Police used capsicum spray to subdue him at which point he threw himself around the vehicle causing it to shake and shudder. 

Magistrate Terry Lucas pointed to the police standing at the entrance to the cells at the Orange Court House on Thursday when Bourne appeared to answer for his crimes. 

“They’re there in case I send you to jail,” Mr Lucas told Bourne. 

Instead he fined him $200.

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