King-hits will lead to jail time: police prosecutor

IF the number of cases involving unprovoked punches to people's heads coming across police prosecutor Sergeant Andy Bobin's desk is any indication, Orange is far from immune from the violence seen in places like Kings Cross. 

Sergeant Bobin has vowed to pursue jail time for any offender found have inflicted grievous bodily harm with a single, violent, unprovoked punch to the head.

He said at least two cases similar to the one involving Queanbeyan footballer Tony Mclean, who on Thursday pleaded guilty to reckless grevious bodily harm, were due in court in the coming weeks.

And police have had enough. 

"I'm not talking about people getting in a punch up and causing grievous bodily harm," Sergeant Bobin said.

"I'm talking about sucker punches, coward punches and king hits. 

Sergeant Bobin, who became a police prosecutor 17 years ago, said violence had not become worse in his time in the job, society had simply become less tolerant of it.

"People are just sick and tired of alcohol fuelled violence," Sergeant Bobin said.



High profile cases like those of Thomas Kelly and Daniel Christie, who were both punched on nights out, have brought the issue into the spotlight. 

"It's a state wide problem ... Orange police will be talking a tough stance on this behaviour," Sergeant Bobin said. 

"There are thugs and hooligans out there who are like predators.

The "thugs" get drunk, go out looking for a fight and target people who are intoxicated, Sergeant Bobin said. 

To stay safe on nights out people should travel in groups and have a designated driver or someone who is sober and could protect people from "predators".

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