Optimistic outlook for Wanderers in 2014

ORANGE Wanderers president and premier league captain Adam Hurford wants his players to reach their potential in 2014.

Wanderers have continually underachieved since the club’s establishment in 2012, despite having one of the most talented outfits on paper.

In the two seasons the fledgling club has been alive the Wanderers mens premier league team has finished fifth in 2012, and last in 2013.

Hurford said 2014 will be about starting fresh and developing as a unit, and welcoming Beth and Pete Shea as assistant coaches will help Wanderers achieve their goals.

“We lost a good coach last year in Dave Watson,” Hurford said.

“Having Beth and Pete on board will be huge for us. They just know hockey. Their experience will be invaluable, I mean, Pete is a state coach in multiple divisions.”

Hurford said the duo will work in conjunction with current coach Andrew Reddan in a hierarchal structure.

“Porky (Reddan) is our head coach, and he will have the final say,” Hurford explained.

“Beth will act in a manager type role, and Pete will be an attacking, game day type of coach. They should compliment Porky very well.

“They’re both very positive leaders.”

Hurford said developing the squad as players and leaders was paramount.

“Look at last year, we had two great wins straight off the bat and then it all went downhill,” he explained.

“We’re looking to instil a sense of professionalism, and ownership among the group. We’re also going to look to renew our outdated formations and structures to increase our development. We have a great mix of youth and experience among our squad, and combining them in an effective game plan and structure is going to be very important this year.”

Beth Shea agreed.

“Professionalism is a huge part of what we’re looking to do here,” Shea said.

“Especially for the younger guys just coming into the squad, who Pete and I have worked with before. Another important factor is creating a leadership team of older players who can keep the culture going as part of a succession plan.

“But the most important part is the player buy-in, they need to be involved.”

Wanderers train on Monday nights from 6pm at Anzac Park.


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