Ever wondered what an $1800 putt feels like?

IT must be difficult to stand over a six-metre putt with $1800 on the line.

Harder still when you have a crowd of rowdy hecklers´╗┐ filling your ears with abuse.

But Duntryleague golfer Robert Payne was able to overcome those obstacles on Friday evening when he conquered his home club's 'Putt For Cash' challenge to the tune of almost two grand.

Payne is a member of a syndicate which each week buys tickets in the raffle to determine who will take the putt, held on the practice green overlooked by the clubhouse.

Every Friday the distance of the putt varies, with the cash incentive growing with every missed roll.

On Friday night, Payne's syndicate found themselves in the firing line.

And the Australian Masters representative didn't disappoint, steering the ball into the heart of the cup, even raising his arms in joy when it still had a metre to travel.

Waiting in the wings were his fellow syndicate members, no doubt doing some quick sums in their minds to determine their share of the loot.

Special thanks to the Duntryleague member who filmed the scenes on their phone and provided the footage.

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