One hell of a record so no bail

NINE breaches of bail for violent offences involving alcohol means Dut Dut will have to spend the next few weeks in custody.

The 24-year-old was arrested by police and charged with malicious damage after he pushed a woman into a window.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Andy Bobin said in Orange Local Court yesterday the woman was lucky not to escape serious injury as the glass in the window shattered.

Dut Dut’s solicitor Rebecca McIlveen in applying for bail for her client said the incident had occurred after the accused and a group of people had been drinking at the house where the damage occurred.

She entered a plea of not guilty on behalf of her client.

Sergeant Bobin said the nine breaches of bail by Dut Dut since 2012 should weigh heavily in any consideration for bail.

“Granting him bail is just setting him up for failure,”  Sergeant Bobin said.

Ms McIlveen told the court she thought the prosecution’s case wasn’t strong.

“The person who made this complaint to police was under the influence of opioids on the night and had also been drinking,” she said.

Ms McIlveen conceded her client had been drinking on the night he was arrested after spending time at the house of the alleged victim with a group of people but said her client did not consume any drugs.

She told magistrate Terry Lucas her client would refrain from drinking and comply with bail conditions imposed by the court.

But Mr Lucas could not be convinced.

“You have a hell of a record Mr Dut,” he told the accused.

“Considering your history there is no presumption of bail and bail is refused.”

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