Birds of a feather for Hawks coaches

HAWKS’ 2014 Group 10 coaches have been confirmed.

After being beaten in the premier league and under 18 grand final Hawks have changed little leading into the 2014 season.

Having led Hawks to its first minor premiership since 1999, and despite going on to lose the grand final to rivals CYMS, 2013 captain-coach Tim Mortimer re-signed for another season in December.

Hawks vice president Jake Hurford said the two blues had looked to appoint men who would “be great support for him [Mortimer]”.

“Timmy re-signing was big news, and we needed other coaches who would back him up,” Hurford explained.

“This year we’re looking to bring the club together as a whole a bit more. More than we were last year anyway.”

Gus Cooper will take over reserve grade after leading the Cargo Blue Heelers to the 2013 Woodbridge Cup title.

We’re hoping Gus can instil a bit of pride in the reserve graders,”  Hurford said.

“He’s a Hawks old boy, and coached the Blue Heelers to a premiership last year. We’ve gone for him as coach rather than having a captain coach in reserve grade to bring back a bit of the respect, and just for something different.”

Jared Brodrick and Lawrence Fogg are returning as under 18 coaches and Hurford said after leading their troops to a 2013 grand final appearance the pair will be keen to go one better.

“We’re all keen to get a title in any grade, but I imagine Timmy and those two would have a bit of extra motivation,” Hurford explained.

“Jared’s a very good coach, and I think he’ll have a long and successful career within Hawks. Foggy also does a great job, and with eight Western Division under 16s coming up into 18s this year we’re hoping they’ll be a real title chance.”

Premier league winger Justin Howarth put his hand up to man the helm of Hawks’ women’s league tag team.

Hurford said despite his inexperience Howarth is  reliable, and women’s league tag is a good place to start a coaching career.

“He is new to the role, and no one is sure how he’ll go yet,” Hurford said.

“But he is the kind that will get in and do his job, he’ll never let you down. We’re also hoping being a bit younger he might be able to bring a few more girls into the club to play league tag, you can never have too many numbers.”

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