VIDEO: Belmonte bowls through the looking glass

ORANGE bowling superstar Jason Belmonte is pushing the boundaries in his sport.

Belmonte is in the process of testing the adaptation of a new technology, Google Glass, to tenpin bowling.

In simple terms, Google Glass is a high definition camera on a pair of glasses that enables fans to see the sport from Belmonte’s perspective.

Despite playing down the nature of the testing, Belmonte explained his thoughts on technology revolutionising not just tenpin, but sport in general.

“I was watching the Twenty20 Big Bash League the other night, and it is incredible to see what is happening,” he said.

“They’ve got umpire cam, which is essentially the same as this technology, and a thousand other camera angles to give the fans another perspective on the game.

“I think it’s all about the fans and changing the way they see and view sport. My sport is good to trial this type of thing because it has no contact, and there is no chance of a ball coming back at me a million miles an hour to smash the glasses.”

Belmonte said he had been testing the technology for some time.

“There is a teaser trailer on my Youtube channel at the moment, from one of the times I used it,” he said.

“I actually bowled a perfect game wearing the glasses not so long ago. It was the first time a 300 game had been caught on film using the technology and is a great way to see it from my eyes.”

Both the teaser trailer and the 300 game have been uploaded to Belmonte’s Youtube channel, and, despite the advertising, he said he was unsure of when the technology would be available.

“As far as I know it’s not available to anyone yet,” he said.

“A couple of guys on the development team helped me out, pretty much just so I could muck around with it a bit.”

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