Artist's career takes off with airline

BRADLEY Hammond’s art career has taken off.

Singapore Airlines has poached the Orange artist to draw an original piece to hang in its Sydney international airport lounge. 

And it’s all because he picked up a piece of bulrush reed one day and thought it would make a good paintbrush.

“I like to work with things that are natural,” he said. 

“It is actually very beautiful to draw with, because it is completely natural and each one has a different feel to it.”

Mr Hammond no longer paints in a studio.

His latest works are all done on location with a piece of bulrush reed. 

The process has made him fascinated with bulldozed orchards, and it was one of these pieces which caught the eye of a Singapore Airlines representative.

“They commissioned me to paint two pieces for them,” he said.  

“They saw my work through a gallery in Sydney.”

Mr Hammond said he only agreed to the commission because the airline did not ask him to paint anything specific. 

His subject is up to him, but it has to be painted in the same style and the drawings need to be two metres by two metres.

"They just liked what they saw," he said. 

Mr Hammond takes his inspiration from Vincent van Gogh, because he liked the way the Dutch painter used lines and his works were always "alive and interesting.'

The commission from Singapore Airlines validates his work and his talent, he said.

"It's a really wonderful acknowledgment of what I'm already doing," he said. 

"It confirms that people like what I am doing with the environment."

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