Police lay down the law on drink-driving

CANOBOLAS police performed an average of 388 random breath tests every day across the festive period with just five motorists caught over the limit.

Since Operation Safe Arrival kicked off at 12.01am on Friday, December 20 police were out in force across the Canobolas  Local Area region.

By the time the operation concluded at 11.59pm on Thursday police had conducted 5434 random breath tests.

Acting Inspector Brenden Turner said he was impressed so few people were caught drink-driving.

“It’s amazing with 5000 breath tests and only five people over,” he said.

Despite the success with a low number of drink- drivers, 119 motorists were issued with a speeding infringement notices.

“Police are very happy with the low numbers of drink-drivers but it’s disappointing the number of speed offences detected,” he said.

A further 16 tickets were issued for seatbelt infringements and another 169 for other offences such as using a mobile phone while driving.

During the 14-day campaign there were 14 major crashes in the zone.

Inspector Turner said police conducted a highly visible campaign right across the region

“Patrol have just saturated the area,” he said.

“Even though Operation Safe Arrival has finished there will still be a high police presence.”

The overall provisional NSW road toll for 2013 is 339 - down from 369 in 2012, and the lowest since 1924.


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