POLL: Support for bid to rename king hit

CALLS by the family of assault victim Daniel Christie for the term ‘king hit’ to be referred to as a  ‘coward punch’ have been endorsed by Orange councillors Jason Hamling and Glenn Taylor.

Eighteen-year-old Daniel is in a critical condition in St Vincent's Hospital after being assaulted in Kings Cross on New Year's Eve.

The chair of the Crime Prevention and Community Safety Committee, Cr Hamling said it was appropriate wording for someone who hit a person from behind or when they were not looking.

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“To think someone goes out for a drink with friends and ends up on life support because of a drunken act tears at the social fabric of a community” he said.

Cr Hamling said the ripple effect was felt by the family and the whole community.

Cr Taylor, the committee’s former chair, agreed.

“Coward punch is an apt description and I would like to see more action on this issue with alcohol consumption,” he said.

“If these guys who do this get a label like this it might get through that this is not acceptable in our society.”

Cr Taylor says over the years Orange has not been exempt from unprovoked attacks such as the one on Daniel Christie.

“We have had this happen here and the tragedy is it not only affects the victims, but the families of the people who do this sort of thing,” he said.

“They destroy lives with one stupid act while they are intoxicated.”

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