Thunder Strike: A hard day's work

EVERY so often, I get a reality check that helps me realise cricket is just like any other job. 

There’s some good days, some hard days and some long days in the dirt. 

The only difference is that at the end of the day, cricket is still a game and a hobby. 

There’s very few people out there who get to turn a pastime into an occupation. 

Find me the man in the business of flying kites while building model cars and I’ll eat my hat. 

However, an early Qantas flight to Perth after a narrow defeat to the Stars the night before has jolted me into reality. 

Some players only getting three hours sleep before moving onto the next destination and the next fixture. 

This is the expectations of professional cricketers in the BBL. Fast paced, all action, quick turn around and do it again! Coupled with a blistering light show and provocative dancers providing good old fashioned family fun.

Did anyone realise that behind the fireworks and cheerleaders that a cricket game was going on? 

I’m all but certain when Huss brought up his half-century (on Wednesday) night the crowd gave an ecstatic ovation, not because of his brilliant knock, but because one cheerleader had done the splits while another landed a couple of backflips. 

But for the die hard fans at the game and those watching on TV, they witnessed a master class once again from ‘Mr Cricket’. Some of the cleanest striking you could pay to see, second only to Brad Hodge who single handedly stole the game for the Stars.

The new recruit for the Thunder, Tilikaratne Dilshan is primed for some serious action. 

Knicking off for a duck Wednesday night has only made him hungrier. Don’t wake a sleeping dragon - a phrase that I’m almost certain was coined by my perennial grump of a mother. Run for cover, he’s awake!

So as we head off to Perth to take on the Scorchers, we go with gusto. We went toe-to-toe with the best T20 side in Australia and took it right to the death. 

In all three games we played some exceptional cricket and were narrowly nudged out in crucial moments. 

From here we have a choice - fall into our shells, become our own worst enemies and deteriorate from the inside out, or get on the front foot, keep coming hard and refuse to roll over. 

I personally guarantee you there isn’t a player in the squad that will depress their efforts. 

A Thunder storm is brewing and in the very near future you will see what we can do. Keep shooting men, we’re not done yet and with each player pushing to improve, we have no choice but to be better.

I would be remiss if I didn’t take the opportunity to thank the members and fans of the Thunder. Each game you turn up and show your true colours. When the desired results follow, you will be the first people I thank.

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