The secret to New Year's resolutions

‘ALWAYS aim for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.’

When 20th century author William Clement Stone penned the above phrase, there is little doubt he was referring to the ideal way to tackle the sometimes famed and often ill-fated New Year’s resolution.

Whether it be weight loss, banking a little extra money, swearing off the grog or remaining resolute in the face of the resolution, those looking to change their ways in 2014 should start small in their quest.

“Under-promise yourself and over-achieve, basically,” Orange Snap Fitness club manager Darren McGregor said.

“Small, achievable, measurable marks. Put a set of daily behavioural goals in there somewhere. Anything without measurable behaviours is purely fantasy. As I said, set small goals, find a beginning and an end point, usually weight loss and get fit.”

Noticing a significant jump in interest in the fitness game post-Christmas, Mr McGregor said the keys to keeping on top of the festive flab was decreasing soft drink and increasing water intake, better nutrition and hiring a coach.

Above all, however, “consistency is the key”.

“Weight loss, in my believing, is not a goal,” he said.

“At the end of six months, if you’ve lost 100 grams you’ve achieved your goal, you’ve lost weight. Write the goals down, put them on your fridge and make them personal.

“Make them as specific as possible.”

Roan Financial Group’s Peter Roan said in terms of bumping up the bank balance in the new year, the onus was on number one.

“We can all sit back and write fluffy things on a piece of paper, but the common denominator when it comes to people doing well and those that don’t, procrastination versus those that make things happen, is just getting started,” he said.

“Make a plan and get started. It’s not that complicated.” 

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