Orange women among state's best drivers

SHE many be one of the state’s safest drivers, but Orange woman Christine Ghrayche says she takes her responsibility as a motorist very seriously.

Female drivers, especially those in regional areas, have been declared the safest in the state with Orange ranking third on the list according to new data.

Since June, drivers with an unblemished five-year record scored a 50 per cent discount when renewing their licence.

Of the 408,000 discounts provided statewide since then, 223,904 (or 55 per cent) have been to women, with 1409 to women in Orange.

“I’ve become a more cautious driver as a mother,” Ms Ghrayche said.

A total of 2474 drivers in Orange saved up to $81 on their licence costs since June.

Women also received more discounts than men in Dubbo (second on the list) and Port Macquarie (first).

In Dubbo 1522 women and 1085 men received discounts, while in Port Macquarie there were 1556 discounts to women and 1140 to men.

While surprised there were so many good drivers in Orange, Ms Ghrayche said you only “tend to notice the bad drivers”.

Ms Ghrayche, 25, has held her licence for nine years and said it was easier for women to have good driving records.

“Women can multitask,” she said.

In Bathurst there were 451 discounts given to women and 420 to men.

Drivers must have no offences recorded on their licence during the five years leading up to the renewal date.

Provisional (P1 and P2) licence holders are not eligible for the discount, however time without relevant offences while holding a P1 or P2 licence is counted towards the five-year eligibility period once they’ve progressed to an unrestricted licence.

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