Drivers quick to ignore deterrents

DESPITE huge fines, double demerit points and the threat of losing your drivers licence police say motorists in Orange continue to speed.

By Saturday morning 51 speed infringement notices had been issued during the annual Christmas/new year traffic-enforcement campaign.

Operation Safe Arrival kicked off on December 20 and aims to reduce the incidence of death and injury during what is traditionally the busiest time of year on NSW roads.

Orange Highway Patrol Command Sergeant Luke Blissett said speeding made up the largest proportion of the 146 infringement notices issued during this time.

“One motorist was caught driving 141km/h in a 100km/h zone in Orange,” he said.

Other fines issued have included four for not wearing a seatbelt, three unlicensed drivers, three driving while suspended, three drug charges and one drink-driver.

There have been a further 81 traffic infringements issued since December 20.

Sergeant Blissett said highway patrol had conducted 2353 random breath tests in Orange over this period with just one motorist issued with a mid-range drink-driving infringement.

“We try and keep our crash statistics down and this is one way of doing it,” he said.

Sergeant Blissett said fatigue was a concern during the festive period and he urged motorists to take regular breaks.

“When you start yawning or your eyes start to blink these are the warning signs,” he said. “If you’re tired stop, revive and survive.”

As of December 23 the NSW road stood at 335. 

Operation Safe Arrival will continue until Thursday.

Double demerits are in place until Wednesday for speeding, seatbelt and helmet offences.

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