Facebook post invites trouble

A LARGE house party  got out of hand in Fox Avenue on Saturday night after details of the get-together were posted on Facebook.

Police were called to the residential area near Bletchington Public School after receiving complaints from neighbours angry about having 100 young people turn their quiet street into a party zone.

The party is believed to have kicked off at around 8pm when neighbours first reported hearing loud music and yelling.

According to neighbours police forced partygoers to turn the music off at around 10.45pm, but were called back to the house later to ask the guests to leave.

One neighbour, who didn’t want to be named, said there were “people everywhere”.

“It looked like the end of a concert, they just came streaming out,” she said.

The woman said it wasn’t the noise that bothered her the most but the street being overrun by teenagers consuming alcohol.

“I’m sick of it, it happens often and most of us have got kids,” she said. “It also worries us that there are so many cars in the street.

“I want the police to crack down on it and I think the parents should be held responsible.

“I don’t know how parents can let a party get that out of control.”

While the average age of partygoers was said to have been around 15, the next day the street was littered with empty boxes of beer and wine.

One neighbour reported finding a marijuana pipe dumped in their yard.

Orange City councillor Glenn Taylor said he’d been contacted by Fox Avenue residents concerned about the party.

Cr Taylor said what should have been a small party had turned into a “disaster” thanks to the party invitation being posted on Facebook.

“It’s a concerning trend that happens in Sydney, and now it’s happening in Orange,” he said.

“I was told there were large amounts of alcohol with underage people arriving with backpacks laden with alcohol.

“There was also a lot of pretty disturbing language.”

Cr Taylor said it was parents’ responsibility to keep an eye on their children and know where they are at all times.


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