Special delivery may be a scam

ORANGE Courier Service has warned its customers not to fall for a scam where they’re asked to pay to have a parcel redelivered because they weren’t home when the first delivery was made.

Orange Courier Service marketing and sales manager Scott Reilly said the company had used Facebook to warn customers about the scam, reminding them that “unfortunately at this time of year there are always scumbags around trying to take advantage of people”. 

“They will tell you they have attempted to deliver a parcel to you and you weren’t home and now you must pay to have the parcel redelivered,” the Facebook warning says.

Mr Reilly said it was against company policy to call customers and try to charge an extra fee to have the goods redelivered.

He said customers uncertain about requests for money should verify the details with the company before handing over any cash.

“We wanted to put out a disclaimer and remind people to call us if they hear of anyone doing something unusual,” he said.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has also posted a warned on its Facebook site to watch out for scammers posing as postal and courier service providers who, for a fee, will redeliver a parcel that doesn’t exist.

“If you are expecting a parcel to give as a gift to family or friends, or expect to receive one, don’t be fooled by an email or phone call out of the blue requesting a fee for a parcel to be redelivered,” a spokesperson for the ACCC said.

“The scammer will often claim that no one was home to receive the parcel on the first attempt.

“A tell-tale sign that it’s a bogus delivery is if the scammer asks you to pay the fee by international wire transfer. It’s rare to trace or recover any money.”



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