Orange emergency department world class

IF you are unfortunate enough to find yourself facing a trauma or medical emergency the treatment you get from clinicians at the Orange hospital is second to none, according to a new emergency consultant at the hospital who has travelled from the other side of the world to take on his new role.

Leaving Britain to come to Orange to work as a consultant in the emergency department has been a real eye-opener for Dr Colin Dibble.

He says the emergency department response system is superior to many large hospitals he has worked at in northern England and even rivals some of London’s top hospitals.

Dr Dibble has only been here for four months but says he is already impressed with the team working to save lives at the hospital.

“The other night we had a trauma emergency at midnight and within a few minutes there were several consultants here all working together - it’s amazing,” he said.

"When it comes to managing trauma Orange hospital is better at managing trauma than most hospitals I have been to in the United Kingdom.”

His previous appointment was to the emergency department at Royal Oldham Hospital in Manchester, which has 95,000 patients a year through the doors of emergency.

“This hospital feels just as busy,” he said.

Dr Dibble said he enjoyed the variety of work he has encountered so far in Orange in the emergency department.

“I suppose being a regional hospital I didn’t expect the variety I have come across,” he said.

However there have been other surprises for Dr Dibble and they are not all positive.

“I am quite surprised at the number of injuries we are getting from people who are not wearing a seat belt and drinking and driving compared to my experience in the UK,” he said.

Dr Dibble reminded people to make sure they have all their important prescriptions filled before the holiday season

“Getting access to after-hours GPs and pharmacies isn't as easy as it is in metropolitan areas,” he said.

Last year Orange’s emergency department treated 28,000 patients.

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