Council urges people to abide by restrictions

AVERAGE weekly water consumption has risen from 250 litres to 306 litres last week,  prompting Orange City Council to remind residents to follow level two water restrictions.

Orange’s water supply dams are currently at 84.6 per cent, down from more than 85 per cent last week.

“What’s more concerning is that average daily consumption has jumped a lot since last week,” council spokesman Allan Reeder said.

“This is in response to the ongoing dry spell and high temperatures, but at the start of summer we have to make the water we have last as long as possible.”

The council encourages residents to only water gardens in the early morning and evening when evaporation is at its lowest and when it will have the most impact. 

“Our target for level two restrictions is 240 litres per person, per day, so the more we use during a dry spell, the more likely it is that we’ll be facing tougher restrictions,” Mr Reeder said.

Residents struggling to keep gardens and lawns green with the restrictions should spare a thought for the groundskeepers at Duntryleague who have to keep the course’s greens and tees up to scratch, all while complying with the water rules.

General manager Matthew Furze said the club used water from its catchments, reserves and bores to irrigate the grounds and took water from the town supply as a last resort.

“We restrict what we use as much as we can,” he said.

“The tees and the greens are the most important but watering gets done to a bare minimum.

“When it gets to a point when it’s diabolical we do a lot of praying.”

Mr Furze said this summer had been even worse than last year, but the club always complied with the council’s level two restrictions.

Mr Reeder said residents and businesses can apply to the council for an exemption from the restrictions, but urged those applying to stick to restrictions until their claim is considered.

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