Family rivalry’s ultimate showdown

IT’S a timeless rivalry born in the backyard, the front yard, on the driveway and in the nets.

It’s a bond formed between two people sharing the same passion and competitive spirit.

It’s the memory relived once the youngster grows up enough to discover playing cricket with dad isn’t ‘cool’ anymore.

Father versus son.

The ultimate showdown.

In Friday’s first Twenty20 game at Wade Park, a selection of Orange cricket’s grumpy old men take on their spirited upstarts.

The initiative, brought about by the Orange District Junior Cricket Association, gives cricketers a chance to do what they may never be able to otherwise.

“About half the guys have had the chance to play with their sons in Centenary Cup now,” ODJCA president Nick Cooper said.

“But I doubt any have played against their kids, it provides a great opportunity in that respect.

“It all ties in with the junior games we’ve been putting on before the Royal Hotel Cup, we thought this would be a good way to create some interest, maybe draw a crowd and have a bit of fun.”

Cooper said both teams will desperately want to get bragging rights over the other.

“The fathers will win, no doubt,” he said.

“But no side will want to lose, that’s for sure.”

Sons captain James Ryan said he thought his team would canter to an easy win.

“Just look at the players we have compared to them,” he said.

“For example, we have Hughy Middleton and they have Stu. There is a stark difference between those two cricketers, Hughy is much better.

“We’ll win easily, I don’t think there is one of their team that wouldn’t have arthritis.”

The fathers spokesperson Steve Ryan was cagey about the game, refusing to give away tactics.

“I’m not talking,” he joked.

“Not about this, we’re taking this game seriously. We aren’t giving away anything.”

The father-son match starts at 4.30pm today at Wade Park.

n FATHERS: Nick Cooper, Stuart Middleton, Richard Manning, Phil Dodds, Jon Harris, Jarrod Rose, Matt Winslade, Steve Ryan, Paul Murphy, Gerard Hannelly, Andrew Litchfield.

n SONS: Charlie Cooper, Hugh Middleton, Ryan Mannings, Jack Dodds, Pat Harris, Fletcher Rose, Mitch Winslade, James Ryan, Todd Murphy, Michael Hannelly, Charlie Litchfield.

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