VIDEO: Class acts: Orange's top HSC students

THURSDAY is 13 years in the making for Higher School Certificate students who find out if their hard work has paid off. 

About 450 Orange year 12 students receive their Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank, which reveals if they get into the university course of their choice. 

But on Wednesday, there were hundreds of proud parents eagerly awaiting their child’s individual subject results. 

At least 91 Orange students received top marks of above 90 out of 100 in at least one subject. Five students - Ali Clarke (Orange High School), Annabelle Carter (Kinross Wolaroi School), Rebekah Kwa (Kinross  Wolaroi School),  Makaela Bowman (James Sheahan Catholic High School) and Madeleine Whalan (James Sheahan Catholic High School) - received Board of Studies all-rounder awards for marks above 90 in all six subjects. 

Makeala also received a top achiever award in studies of religion II for coming top 10 in the state, a feat match by Orange High’s Damian Kirkness in biology and Kinross Wolaroi’s Gemma Plunkett in hospitality.

Ali  was relieved she had done well but was not positive she would get the ATAR she needed of 95 out of 100 to study architecture.

She was surprised that 14 of her fellow Orange High School students received band six results, the highest band.

“I was pleasantly astonished by everyone and I am really proud of everyone,” she said.

Rebekah said despite 46 people in her class gaining marks in the 90s for at least one subject, everyone was still very cautious. 

“There is a lot of hope resting on [today],” she said 

Of the Orange Christian School’s 23 HSC students four, or 17 per cent, had marks in the top 90, while 26, or 20 per cent,  of James Sheahan Catholic High School’s 125 year 12 students received above 90. 

Canobolas Rural Technology High School declined to provide their students’ results. 

High achievers: Orange students to gain a band six (above 90 out of 100) or a band four (above 40 out of 50)

Orange High School

Alexandra Clarke - Board of Studies all-rounder award, English advanced, chemistry, mathematics, mathematics extension 1, music 2, German beginners.

Damian Kirkness - Board of Studies top achiever award, biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, mathematics extension 1.

Taylor Rumney - English extension 2.

Lachlan Kay - Biology, mathematics 2 unit general.

Courtney Priestley - Biology, chemistry, mathematics extension 1, mathematics, PDHPE.

Laura Manca - mathematics extension 1, society and culture.

Patrick Benter - Mathematics. 

Jasper Muhammad - Mathematics. 

Amanda Clothier - Music 2, dance.

Hannah Forde - Music 1.

Lachlan Jensen - Music 1.

Jessica Webb - Community and family studies, hospitality

Holly Hudson - Community and family studies.

Luke Bradford - PDHPE.

Rachel Maybin - Human Services.

James Sheahan Catholic High School

Emma Moore - Vocational education and training (VET) award.

Alicia Peters - VET award.

Timothy Abraham - Mathematics.

Vladka Bartyzal - Geography

McKenzie Battye-Smith - Ancient history. 

Makaela Bowman - Board of Studies all-rounder award, top achiever award, English advanced, English extension 1, mathematics, physics, studies of religion II, chemistry.

Lachlan Clulow - Engineering studies, English advanced, mathematics, music I.

Michaela Collins - Community and family studies.

Timothy Collis - Geography.

Monique Connolly - Community and family studies.

Ashleigh Cunial - Biology, mathematics, modern history, studies of religion I.

Charles Foran - PDHPE, studies of religion I.

Holly Fredericksen - English advanced, legal studies, mathematics, studies of religion II.

Lauren Gilchrist - Community and family studies, general mathematics.

Millie Goggins - Community and family studies. 

Olivia Grant - General mathematics.

Sam Harvey - Music I.

Kaitlin Howarth - Music 2, music extension.

Mariah Kreiger - English advanced, legal studies, music 2, studies of religion I.

Amy Porter - Community and family studies.

Holly Porter - Community and family studies, hospitality.

Sara-Jane Roberts - Community and family studies. 

Cassandra Skaines - Mathematics.

Brooke Van Schaik - Studies of religion II.

Madeleine Whalan - Board of Studies all-rounder award, English advanced, English extension I, modern history, music 1, studies of religion II, visual arts.

Carrie Williams - Geography, studies of religion I.

Kinross Wolaroi School

Shelby Archer - Visual Arts.

Annabel Biddulph - Mathematics.

Thomas Bristow - Personal development, health and physical education.

Olivia Brooks - Mathematics, mathematics extension 1.

Annabelle Carter - Board of Studies all-rounder award, chemistry, English advanced, mathematics extension 2, music 2, music extension.

Margaret Coles - Mathematics extension 2.

Mandy Colless - Textiles and design.

Lachlan Corinth - Business studies, geography, personal development, health and physical education.

Coleen Crayford - German continuers.

Emma Crockett - German beginners.

India Dixon - English extension 2.

Olivia Fisher - Music 1.

Kirstie Fitzpatrick - Studies of religion 1.

Michael Gattone - Ancient history, economics.

Thomas Glastonbury - English advanced, mathematics.

Isobella Grist - Visual arts.

Brooke Hamilton - English advanced.

Chengyi (Eric) Han - Mathematics.

Arthur Hancock - Business studies, economics, general mathematics, personal development, health and physical education.

Louise Hancock - Biology, mathematics, modern history, history extension, personal development, health and physical education.

Blake Hansen - Music 1.

Cameron Hilder - General mathematics.

Hannah Jaques - Mathematics extension 2.

Matt Johnston - General mathematics, German beginners.

Edwina Jones - Textiles and design.

Arabella Jorgensen-Hull - Ancient history, English advanced, geography.

Amanda Keast - General mathematics.

Rebekah Kwa - Board of Studies all-rounder award, English advanced, mathematics extension 1, mathematics extension 2, music 2, music extension, French continuers, French extension.

Michelle Luk - Mathematics.

Charles McIntosh - Ancient history, economics, English advanced, geography, mathematics extension 2.

Eloise Mirrington - Business studies, mathematics, mathematics extension 1.

Henry Opie - General mathematics.

Owen Patfield - Mathematics extension 1, mathematics extension 2, French continuers.

Nicole Pickford - Mathematics.

Gemma Plunkett - Board of Studies top achiever award, geography, visual arts, hospitality.

Jack Rogers - Mathematics extension 2.

Jackson Ryan - Industrial Technology.

Genevieve Sergeant - Chemistry, mathematics, extension 1, mathematics extension 2, physics.

Nicholas Shillington - Modern history.

Erin Smith - English advanced, mathematics extension 2, French continuers, French extension.

Angus Suttor - Mathematics extension 1, mathematics extension 2.

Clare Thompson - Business studies, legal studies, modern history, history extension

Angus Williams - General mathematics.

Lauryn Wilson - General mathematics, textiles and design, hospitality.

Olivia Wright - History extension.

Dominic Wu - Mathematics extension 2.

Orange Christian School

Caelan Maxon - Modern history and community and family studies.

Bronte Glasby - Community and family studies.

Abigail Carter - Modern history.

Ben Ryan - Music.

All-rounder award - Above 90 in six subjects. 

Top achiever award - Top 10 in the state in a subject.

Canobolas Rural Technology High School declined to provide details of the school’s high achievers. 

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