Mick has his work cut out without stolen trailer

MICK Munro says he doesn’t expect to be celebrating Christmas Day this year thanks to the heartless work of a criminal.

Some time between late November 29 and the early hours of November 30, Mr Munro’s uninsured yellow trailer containing all of his work tools was stolen from a shed on his father’s Mitchell Highway property near Guyong.

Mr Munro is at a loss to explain who stole the vehicle and its contents, worth about $60,000, and how they did it without being detected.

The trailer had been kept behind three gates, two of them fitted with heavy-duty chains and padlocks.

A sensor alarm had also been fitted to the shed’s interior.

Since the theft Mr Munro has spent weeks looking for the trailer, and even travelled to Nyngan where the trailer was sighted on December 2.

He’s also handing out brochures featuring a picture of the trailer and a $30,000 concrete cutting saw that was also taken.

“It’s my livelihood,” he said.

“I’m just trying to get the word out there, someone must know who took it and I just want it returned.”

Mr Munro, who is a concrete cutter, said without the trailer he had  no way to earn a wage.

“How do I pay the mortgage, the phone bill ... how do I pay for anything?”   he said.

“Christmas is going to be crap to tell you the truth, there’s no merriness about it.”

Unable to work, Mr Munro said he didn’t know how he would be able to buy Christmas presents for his family.

“I think this year it will be just cards and lottery tickets .... I just don’t know why someone would do this,” he said.

Mr Munro hopes the trailer will be returned to him or left where it can be found.

“Whoever did this hasn’t understood the ramifications of what this does to someone,” he said.


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