Morning marks end of Bronte's nervous wait

BRONTE Glasby will either be squealing with joy or busily looking at her plan B options at six this morning as she logs on to the board of studies website to get her Higher School Certificate results. 

She is aiming for a high 92 out of 100 ATAR mark to get her into a degree in physiotherapy but says she will not be devastated if she does not make it. 

“I know that there are plenty of other pathways to get in so, no, not really,” she said. 

Other students will be waiting by their mobile phones for a text message from the Board of Studies that may come through at about 11am but that is far too late for Bronte.

“No, I’m not sitting around waiting until then, I’d go nuts,” she said. 

While Bronte awaits her results, her friend Amanda Haddin will have a cruisy morning with a sleep in because she knows, no matter what mark she gets, she is heading to university in March to study teaching because she got early entry into university months ago. 

“They don’t look at your HSC mark at all,” she said.

But that does not mean she does not have high hopes for her results. Amanda would like a comfortable 70-plus mark.

“I want to know that the last 13 years paid off,” she said. 

Results for individual subjects should be available by 6am by logging onto the Board of Studies website and entering a student PIN number. Otherwise students need to register their mobile phone numbers on the website to receive the text. 

ATAR marks will be available on Thursday.

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