Students learn life lessons

JAMES Sheahan Catholic High School student Dylan Wood, 16, said if he got a flat tyre while driving his first car he would probably just guess how to change it. 

But thanks to his school, he will not have to wing it.

The school’s year 10 students have spent the past week learning how to change a tyre, check grip, pressure and oil, warning lights and correct seat adjustment, all in the name of preparing them for their first driving lesson. 

Learning and innovation coordinator Lynelle Maguire says the program is designed to teach the students that driving is a privilege and it can be dangerous. 

Part of the exercises included wearing “drunk goggles” of different levels of intoxication. 

Dylan Wood had a few imaginary schooners and could not master hitting a shuttlecock with a badminton bat. 

He swung in the wrong direction and often swung at least two seconds after the shuttlecock hit the ground.

“I kept seeing two of them and it was hard to know which one to hit,” he said. 

“It was a bit embarrassing.”

Ms Maguire said the program aimed to keep year 10 students interested at school for the final week. 

“Just because exams are over doesn’t mean school is over,” she said. 

Dylan said he appreciated the course and being “drunk” at school in front of his friends made him think twice about whether he would do it for real when he was older. 

“I don’t know if it’s worth it,” he said.

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