Residents to shape southern suburb

RESIDENTS affected by the proposed development of south Orange took part in consultation sessions at Orange City Council on Thursday.

Council staff answered questions about the potential impact on the 87 landowners and the surrounding area.

Development services director Dave Waddell urged anyone who was not able to attend the sessions to contact council.

“Now is the time to talk to us as we are in the consultation phase and we want to hear from people. Waiting 12 months will be too late, and council staff are here to answer any questions,” he said.

The area is bounded by the railway line to the north, Hawke Lane to the south, Pinnacle Road to the west and the Rifle Range to the east.

“Staging of this project is important and we are conscious of creating a village feel,” Mr Waddell said.

He said blocks of land of various sizes  were planned for the area.

Mr Waddell told the residents the intricacies of planning the area were important, taking into account significant infrasctructure such as sewer and water, as well as environmental factors such as dams, creeks and Aboriginal heritage.

He said the development would differ markedly from the north Orange development.

“Waratahs was already in north Orange and that won’t exist with the new development so we have to look at the provision of parks, open spaces and a potential community centre,” Mr Waddell said.

He said council had learned from the experience of disgruntled landholders in North Orange who found a dual occupancy built on a block next door.

“People were not aware that was happening and we don’t want to repeat that,” he said.

He said any development of south Orange had to be realistic, as council did not have the necessary funding to bankroll all the water and sewer infrastructure at once.

Mr Waddell says landowners will have options to decide whether or not they want to develop their land.

“They don’t have to do anything with their land for 20 years if they like and that’s okay,” he said.

Mr Waddell said council had corresponded with landowners several times.

He warned landholders that council had no involvement with financial offers on land, after one landholder reported he had been doorknocked with a land offer sanctioned by Orange City Council.

“Council would not be doing that and I urge people to contact council if they have any questions,” he said.

Orange’s newest urban land release is in south Orange in the area bounded by ...

* Railway line to the north

* Hawke Lane to the south

* Rifle range to the east

* Pinnacle Road to the west.

The next stage of the process is ... 

* Council will employ professionals to develop a Masterplan of the suburb, which includes a detailed analysis of constraints (green belts, landowner concerns and water courses).

* Council to exhibit the Masterplan, development controls, lot sizes, Section 94 plan, staging plan.

* Process submissions and amend design if necessary.

* Put to council

* Put to Planning NSW for gazettal

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