Cowardly act of violence

AFTER Daniel Luland held a carving knife to his girlfriend’s cat, threatening to kill it, he then slapped, backhanded and headbutted her before telling his victim “you don’t deserve me.”

Magistrate Terry Lucas said in Orange Local Court on Thursday it was one of the most cowardly acts of violence against a woman he had dealt with in court.

“Normally it is jail for an offence like this and if you were a racehorse I’d bet on you because you have form,” Mr Lucas said.

The court heard despite the violent incident in the relationship, which occurred after the couple had an argument at a party, the victim remains supportive of her partner who she had been in a relationship with for two years.

“She wants to return - she wants him back and they want to start a family together,” said Luland’s solicitor Clive Hill.

“I’m surprised your partner is so understanding,” Mr Lucas said.

Mr Hill told the court his client has a problem with anger management and alcohol, however he has abstained from drinking since the night of the incident when he was arrested by police.

“He hasn’t had a drink for several months and has been living with his parents as part of his bail conditions,” Mr Hill said.

The assault on the victim occurred on August 16 after they had both been at a party together in Algona Crescent.

Police say after Luland began screaming at the victim he left the party, and then made several calls to the victim which she did not answer.

He then sent her a text with a photo attached showing a knife being held against the throat of her cat, so the victim would answer her phone.

The victim returned home around 2.45am and seeing her partner asleep on the bed decided to sleep on the lounge.

When she heard her partner’s phone ring she walked into the bedroom where the assault took place.

Screaming at the victim Luland slapped his partner on the left cheek then backhanded her on the other side of her face.

He then pinned her to the bed by her shoulders and headbutted her, connecting above her right eyebrow.

When Luland’s phone rang and he answered it, the victim screamed out for help.

The phone call was from the victim’s brother who was standing outside the house and called police.

As an alternative to jail Mr Lucas sentenced Luland to a 12 month intensive correction order which means he will be closely monitored by the Department of Corrective Services who will enforce restrictions on where he lives, can request urine samples at any time and will impose other strict conditions on his movements including monitoring his travel.

“I hope you grow up,” Mr Lucas told Luland.

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