Arresting statistics on crime in Orange

COMMONSENSE from the public and arrests made by police have led to a decrease in break and enters, assaults and thefts according to Canobolas Local Area Command Superintendent David Driver. 

The latest Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research figures show in the 12 months previous to September, in the Orange local government area there were 102 fewer houses broken into down from 529, 64 fewer vehicles stolen from 162, and 81 fewer non-domestic violence related assaults from 373. 

Superintendent Driver said crime is always going to fluctuate and police pay little attention to the bureau’s statistics because by the time they are released to the public they are three months’ old. 

He said however, residents had been more vigilant over the last 12 months by remembering to lock windows and doors of homes. 

“It is widely know that it is generally a small percentage of the population who commit the majority of crimes ... police have made a number of arrests,” he said.

“You often find when you arrest people for certain crimes the figures goes down in other categories as well.”

Thefts from motor vehicles in the Orange area went up by 6 per cent to 493 incidents. 

“It is a constant battle we have to get people to lock their cars, close the windows,” he said.

People should be vigilant over the Christmas period to lock up, as well as stop, revive, survive while travelling and if you drink do not drive, he said.

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