Festival dishes up great taste


It’s not everyone’s favourite member of the onion genus but to a group of garlic-loving ladies from Orange, there’s a lot more to the humble pungent-tasting bulb than just warding off vampires and a little bit of bad breath.

“You’ve only got to turn on the television, there’s a plethora of cooking programs and every dish has garlic in it,” Morganics Farm’s Libby Morgan said, holding some of their home-grown garlic.

“This is particularly good garlic because it’s Australian grown, without any artificial chemicals, fertilisers or pesticides.”

Morganics Farm and Canobolas Smith Vineyard will host the inaugural Garlic Harvest Festival on Sunday.

An ancient form of celebration, the Garlic Harvest Festival will honour the bulb with an array of “garlicky food”, lamb, pizzas, goat cheese tarts as well as braids of garlic for sale on the day as a jazz band plays throughout the afternoon.

Mrs Morgan said the idea behind the celebration was to get everyone to embrace both the taste and the wonder of the garlic.

“This is truly a marvellous product which of course has health giving properties, as well as being super delicious,” she said, with garlic believed to ward off heart disease, colds and flu while also lowering cholesterol levels.

“I’d say our garlic is very strong and very pungent but have you tried roasting it? We’ll be doing that on Sunday and it transforms it. If you’re worried about the pungency of it roasting it transforms it into this sweet, delicious thing.

“You have to try it that way.”

The festival will be at the Canobolas Smith Vineyard on Boree lane on Sunday from 11am through to 4pm.

“We’re envisaging people to come out with a picnic rug, listen to the music and hang out,” Mrs Morgan added.


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