Owners of overgrown block under fire from neighbours

A TORULOSA Way resident says an overgrown block adjacent to her house is a fire hazard and poses a threat to nearby houses.

Kath Triplett said long grass had covered the area for more than 12 months.

“It’s quite dangerous. There are two eucalyptus trees that could catch fire if the wind got behind them,” she said.

“It could burn down four or five houses.”

Ms Triplett said children played in the area and she was concerned about snakes and rats.

She said several neighbours had already contacted Orange City Council in a bid to determine ownership of the property.

Council spokesman Allan Reeder said while the overgrown land was privately owned, it was adjacent to council-owned Eyde Park and a council reserve.

“Eyde Park and the reserve behind Torulosa Way are mowed regularly, and are up to scratch,” he said.

“While it could be confusing for nearby residents where the park finishes and where the privately-owned land starts, the council isn’t about to start mowing privately-owned land.”

Mr Reeder said major parks and areas around playgrounds were mowed every week, while parks with less traffic were only mowed every two or three weeks.

He says if residents spot an area of council-owned land that needs mowing they should contact council.

He said council staff passed on details of reported fire risks to the Rural Fire Service. 

“(In this case) That’s been done and the RFS will get to look at it when they can,” he said.

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