Jury's out in sex assault trial

THE jury in the case against four males charged with the sexual assault of an 18-year-old woman in Orange last year, has retired to deliberate the fate of the accused.

The case, which is being heard in the District Court in Sydney, also involves charges where police allege the males forced the young female to perform a number of sexual acts.

Police allege the young woman was being walked home across a park in Wahratta Way in July last year by two males, one of whom she knew, when the other two males appeared from behind the bushes.

Police claim the group of three juveniles and an adult male then circled the girl stopping her from running away, before they allegedly committed the sexual offences.

The names of the four offenders cannot be publicly released as three were juveniles at the time of the alleged offences and a suppression order has been placed on publication of the adult to protect the identity of the victim.

The jury has been hearing evidence in the case for the last two weeks.

Two of the juveniles and the adult male have been on bail while the case has been proceeding through the courts with the fourth male, a juvenile remanded in custody.

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