McDonald’s opponents launch online petition

OPPONENTS of the construction of Orange’s second McDonald’s on the corner of Telopea Way and Farrell Road have turned to social media to step up their campaign.

Pearl Court resident Susan White posted an online petition opposing the development on Friday and it had already collected 407 signatures by lunchtime yesterday.

Mrs White hopes to collect as many signatures as possible before August 20, when Orange City Council’s sustainable development committee will meet to decide if McDonalds will be given approval to proceed with construction.

“We know that many people can’t come to the meetings we’ve had so this is a way of getting it out there,” she said.

Mrs White has also been using Facebook and emails to prompt people to sign the petition and plans to send it to council and McDonald’s before the council meeting.

“We’re hoping to show that there are more people than they think who are against it,” Mrs White said. 

“I can’t count the number of people who say how ridiculous it [the location] is.

“If people are for it then they’re allowed to have their opinion, we’re not against McDonald’s, just the site.”

Mrs White was not sure the petition would make a difference to the outcome.

“We’re just doing all we can,” she said.

The petition can be found at

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