Fares, schedule impress customers

BRINDABELLA Airlines staff weren’t the only ones nervously awaiting yesterday’s flight out of Orange, it was also a big day for Albert Steedman as he caught a plane for the first time.

Albert and his father Graeme, from Cargo, were among the 10 passengers who boarded Brindabella’s first flight out of Orange.

An excited Albert admitted he was a little nervous about taking to the skies.

“I just hope it doesn’t crash,” he said.

A former Hazelton Airlines engineer, Mr Steedman said he had never flown with Brindabella before and would reserve his judgement about the service until after he arrived in Sydney.

He believed the schedule of flights was the biggest factor customers would consider when choosing to fly with Brindabella or Rex.

“I always found it hard if I wanted to be in Sydney. The 6:20am flight was too hard to get to from Cargo,” he said.

Fellow passenger Gerard Sanchez had flown to Cobar with Brindabella before and decided to fly with them again because yesterday’s 10:20am flight was the first available.

“I just needed to go quickly to Sydney and it was cheaper as well. It’s good to see [Brindabella] is going to Orange,” he said.

The cheaper fares and early flight schedule were the main reasons university student Ashlee Gersbach chose Brindabella.

“10:20am is a pretty good flight time, it’s much more convenient. I’m living in Melbourne so I usually fly from Sydney to here. I’ll see how it goes today,” she said.


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