Under the influence of late-night trading

THE Orange after dark series compiled by Central Western Daily journalist Nicole Kuter uncovered many issues faced by society, caused by excessive consumption of alcohol. 

Experts and people on the street agree that there is a problem but the solution is not easy.

Many stakeholders are involved and at times specific groups are blamed, whether it be the police or the licensees but ultimately people need to take responsibility for their actions. 

The series delved into the dark nightlife and the problems facing young people.

Shocking revelations about how much money people spend on a night out and how young women prefer to walk home than wait for a taxi were some of the more talked about problems. 

Nicole Kuter was invited to spend a night at The Occidental Hotel on February 9, the night went smoothly for the most part until police had to intervene in an assault outside the venue, using pepper spray.

As the general manager of The Occidental Hotel said: “He’s put forward the best argument against late night venues if you take just that one issue on it’s own.”

There are many issues and many stakeholders. Here is what professionals and people on the street have to say. 

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