Troubled times at caravan park

COLOUR City Caravan Park residents are scared for their safety and want council to uphold its promises said resident Jena Templeton.

After a spate of rowdy behaviour from visitors, broken locks and a trashed kitchen area, Ms Templeton said council told residents they would be enforcing a 10pm curfew.

Residents were told security would check the park at 10pm, issue warnings to rowdy guests and come back in half an hour to remove people if they had not complied with requests to keep noise down.

Council spokesperson Allan Reeder confirmed Ms Templeton’s complaints.

However the behaviour from guests is becoming worse and security has done nothing, Ms Templeton said.

“We lost three more visitors this week due to being fed up and not listened to,” she said.

“They [council] sure would not put up with this behaviour if it was in their street, it’s so disheartening.”

She said guests had still been partying well into the early hours of the morning with loud music and heavy drinking.

Mr Reeder said council had sent security to enforce the curfew and they had reported a noticeable decline in anti-social behaviour.

“There is tension between long term residents of the park and backpackers who are here for the short term,” he said.

“There are signs the tensions are easing.”

He said the tension that occurs when seasonal workers come to stay needs to be managed in a different manner.

“We need to start sorting through how to do that,” he said.

“After listening to concerns of residents in the caravan park a number of security measures have been upgraded and have been brought into effect over the last couple of weeks.” 

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