Hospital treats physiotherapists well

MORE new faces have appeared on the wards at Orange hospital.

Four new physiotherapists started at the hospital last week on the same day 22 new nurses also took up duties.

The newest group of physiotherapists all come from areas outside of Orange and have returned with a common theme - that Orange hospital has a good reputation for young professionals to enhance their experience in the setting of a new regional hospital. 

“When I was working at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital I had to get to work an hour-and-a half before I started or I couldn’t get a parking place,” Claudia Roberts said.

“Now I can be at work in 10 minutes.”

She’s wasted no time becoming involved in the local community and has been able to pursue her love of rowing by working with some of the teams at Kinross Wolaroi School.

Charles Sturt University graduate Claire Scott said Orange hospital was recommended by friends.

“They had been here on placement so it was one of my first choices when making my decision about where I wanted to work,” she said.

Sam Reynolds, who grew up in Newcastle, said she came through Orange many years ago.

“I was just a child in primary school but now that I’ve come back it’s a really good place to be,” she said.

Although the latest group of physiotherapists are all women, deputy head of physiotherapy at Orange hospital, Peter Young, said more men were coming into the profession.

“When I first started in physio the figures were about 70 per cent females and 30 per cent males, but I think since then the figures have evened up,” he said. “Its about 50/50.”

The fourth new physiotherapist Natalie Papallo comes to Orange fresh from her graduation at the University of Sydney.

“It is great to be part of this team and work in such a lively environment,” she said.

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