Vaccination rule a sore point for some

Parents who choose not to vaccinate their children using conventional immunisation techniques should not be penalised according to an Orange naturopath.

Yvette McRae said homeopathic immunisation is more effective then modern medicine and is harmless. Homeopathic immunisation involves a microscopically small amount of the dead virus and diluting that amount by more than 2000 times. The liquid is ingested orally over about a six month period.

After July 1 families will need to have their children fully immunised to receive the existing $726 per child family tax benefit part A supplement, replacing the maternity immunisation allowance. The government does not recognise homeopathic immunisation as a legitimate form of vaccination.

Ms McRae said homeopathically immunised children have better immune systems than those who are conventionally vaccinated. Ms Mcrae has homepathically immunised four people.

“The reason it is so rare is because people are too scared of governmental control from schools,” she said.

“It is through fear and lack of understanding.

“People are not told the other side of the story.”

Naturopath Angela Duncan said there is a divide within the industry over the effectiveness of homepathic immunisation.

“I personally don’t agree with it,” she said.

“I promote conventional vaccination.”

Mrs Duncan said there is no research to prove whether homeopathic immunisation is effective.

“The Australian Homeopathic Association policy does not recommend homeopathic vaccination,” she said.

“The main reason I don’t support it is that there is nothing out there so say whether it is effective or not.”

Mrs Duncan uses homeopathy to prepare a person for vaccination.

“I use a small amount of the vaccine and dilute that amount so when the person is vaccinated they are far less likely to have a reaction.”

Childcare centres in Orange accept children who are not conventionally immunised however those children are subject to exclusion policies. A child who is not conventionally vaccinated will be banned from childcare while there is an outbreak of a vaccinated disease in the area.

Ms McRae said the exclusion policy was not appropriate.

“The immune system of a child who is homeopathically vaccinated is so much stronger than those that aren’t,” she said.

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