Blocks and puzzles twin-share

MASON and Rhylee Horton were one of four sets of twins to start at Orange Public School for the first time yesterday.

There were tears from mothers and children as they said goodbye for their first day of kindergarten classes but for Mason and Rhylee it was just another excuse to play with blocks and puzzles together.

The boys who, for the most part, are best friends happily waved mum, Renee, and dad, Adam, goodbye so they could check out the blocks in Mrs Carr’s classroom.

There were no tears from the parents as they had been through it all before with their two eldest children Kiana and Ayden. 

However, the tears quietly formed in Justine Hope’s eyes as she told the Central Western Daily about how proud she was of her middle child Ayanna who started school yesterday with Rhylee and Mason. 

“It is pride and it’s joy that they’re moving onto the next stage of their lives,” she said.

She said Ayanna was so excited to start school she was the first out of bed with her backpack on her back.

“She came out with her backpack with a big smile on her face,” she said.

Mrs Hope was looking forward to watching Ayanna learn to read and write her name.

She said it was surprising how quickly they learnt to pick it up.

“It’s absolutely amazing that is happens so quickly,” she said.

“Usually within a couple of weeks they’re reading basic take-home readers.”


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