Orange healthier, wealthier and wiser than Bathurst

On average Orange families are only $31 richer than our Bathurst neighbours despite Orange being the hub for health in the central west and a central city for mine workers.

Only 11 more families in Orange than Bathurst, qualified for the schoolkids bonus that was given to lower income households last week. 

Despite the median income for families in Orange being $1460, 2268 families are eligible to receive the schoolkids bonus. 

However 2257 families in Bathurst met the eligibility requirements for the payments which are income tested. 

Bathurst families get by with a median weekly income of $1429 however there are 872 fewer school aged children in Bathurst.

In Orange there are 7657 school aged children and families have an average of 1.9 children each.

More people in Orange are employed as professionals than any other category and there are 458 more professionals in Orange than Bathurst. 

Orange also has more trade workers, labourers, administrative workers and managers but Bathurst has more community and personal service workers. 

The highest area of employment for both cities was education while the second most popular in Orange was metal ore mining.

There are 803 people employed in Orange in the metal ore mining category as well as the same number in the hospitals category.

Bathurst’s second most popular employment category was cafes, restaurants and takeaway food services which has 628 employees. 

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