Factory focus on safety first

ORANGE Electrolux was recognised globally yesterday as one of the safest factories to be employed in.

The factory received the award for the most improved safety in the Asia-Pacific region , a feat that was achieved by hundreds of hours of hard work, thousands of safety audits and the help of staff on the ground.

To recognise how staff contributed to the global award, the company handed out the Darren Morgan Memorial Safety Award and $1000 in prizemoney to employees who found a hazard, reported the hazard, followed through with the correction and potentially saved someone from serious injury. 

This was the case with Sam McLean, who took home half the prizemoney.

He reported a faulty lead in an important piece of equipment, a hazard that could have resulted in electrocution.

Peter Brown and Andrew Coyte shared in the rest of the money for a joint electrical hazard discovery.

General manager Mark O’Kane said he was extremely proud of the employees.

“Safety is the first consideration at Orange and we’re extremely proud that our safety record has been recognised in this way,” he said.

“Safety is the responsibility of everyone and all employees have contributed to the improvements we have seen in our safety culture and safety results.” 

In 2012 there were about 4000 employee safety audits, more than 400 hazard and risk assessments and more than 800 area safety inspections on the site.

Electrolux is audited by Workcover NSW and in 2012 achieved 96 per cent compliance.

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