Endangered frog inspires a whole new world

ONE little boy’s interest in the endangered yellow-spotted bell frog led to a project that gained international interest and is right here in Orange.

Tristan Rossiter found a tree frog at his parents property in Cargo.

He brought it home in a lunch box and put it in his pond, and named the frog Fipa. 

Upon learning the species was endangered Tristan became scared that in the future other little boys might never get the chance to see the frog.

From this concern the Fipa’s World was born.

The project is about setting up an eco village in Cargo where people can go to relax and observe endangered species and learn how to create sustainable environments.

The launch of Fipa was celebrated yesterday with Korean children from Handemy Village, an eco village. 

Tristan’s mother Fiona Rossiter hopes the project will take off and become a tourist attraction for Orange and a place of learning for people of all walks of life.

“Fipa’s World started like most things do, a thought and a dream about the endless possibilities of what Fipa and his friends would get up to from Tristan’s perspective,” she said.

During the past three months Mrs Rossiter and her husband Paul worked tirelessly to create Fipa’s world and are calling for donations to help make their little boy’s dream a reality.

“Today was an introduction about where we plan on going with Fipa’s World to create a place where people can come and relax and enjoy nature,” Mrs Rossiter said.

About 14 international students from Holland and Korea worked all week to create a miniature version of Fipa’s World at the back of Bissy’s Cafe in Warrendine Street.

The students mulched, painted and talked about their own experiences in their eco village in Korea. 

To learn about Fipa go to www.fipasworld.com.au.


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