City’s top baby names in 2012

WHAT is in a name, you might ask?

For babies Noah and Lily, theirs were the two most popular names for newborns registered with the Central Western Daily in 2012.

Noah scored a tie with Lachlan for the most popular boy’s name, followed by another tie for second with Charlie, Connor, Alexander, Eli and Riley.

The traditional name of Lilly/Lily was the top pick for girl’s names in Orange, with Jessica coming in second and Ella, Matilda and Ruby tying for third.

Rebecca and John Bryden said they were surprised to find out Lily was the most popular name registered with the CWD last year.

“I was very surprised, I thought it was an old-fashioned name and wasn’t aware it had become popular,” Mrs Bryden said.

The couple chose the name Lily when they were pregnant with their first child, who turned out to be a boy who they named Jack.

When their second child was born on April 28, 2012, they kept the name of Lily for their newest addition.

For Melissa Dinsdale and Kurt Heller the name of Noah for their son, born on February 23, 2012 was an easy choice.

“I found it in the baby book, I just really like it and it sort of rolls off the tongue,” Ms Dinsdale said.

She said she was surprised Noah had topped the CWD list, along with Lachlan.

She said she picked it because it was unusual.

“I’ve never heard of any babies named Noah before,” she said.

The Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages is yet to release its top baby names for 2012 in NSW, but in 2011 the most registered names were William and Chloe.

Next in line for boy’s names in 2011 were William, Lucas, Lachlan, Ethan and Oliver, with Ruby, Olivia, Isabella and Mia rounding out the top five for girl’s names.

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