Peter’s in tune with our iPhone app

MECHANIC Peter Ball does not seem like your typical iPhone addict, but in this case looks can be deceiving with the 58-year-old describing himself as an “old gadget freak”.

Mr Ball is one of hundreds of readers engaging with the Central Western Daily in a whole new way since he downloaded the iPhone app on Saturday.

“When I’m on the run, instead of using the computer I use the iPhone,” he said.

“The app is good, it’s informative, very easy to navigate and very user friendly.

“I’m impressed ... I’ve flicked on to it eight to 10 times since Saturday and it’s straight there.”

One of the first things Mr Ball did when he downloaded the app was use the app’s assignment function, allowing anyone to snap a photo and send it through to the CWD in seconds.

He sent a photo of his grandkids cooling off in the pool on the weekend as his favourite thing about Orange in summer, putting him in the running to win an iPhone 5.

Users can also snap a pic or write a story about something they’ve spotted around town they think might be newsworthy and send it straight through to the CWD.

With local news, sport, national news, blogs, photo galleries, weather and much more all at his fingertips, the CWD app has slotted seamlessly into Mr Ball’s life.

“When I downloaded the app on Saturday I went through the whole thing,” he said.

“I get the paper delivered and I still read it as well, but if the paper comes early and I’m in a hurry I have a flick through the paper and later when I’m having morning tea I can click on the app and read the news.

“It’s incredible.

“You’ve got to keep up with technology, if you don’t you fall behind.”

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