Boy's hand stuck in escalator

A LITTLE boy getting his hand caught in a escalator in Orange while he was out with his parents Christmas shopping is a timely reminder to parents to keep their children close during the busy time leading up to Christmas.

Inspector Bruce Grassick of Orange police said thankfully the seven-year-old who had kept his hand on the rubber on the balustrade of the escalator suffered only minor abrasions and bruising after ambulance, fire brigade and police worked together to remove him.

The incident occurred at 4.45pm last Saturday in the Orange City Centre.

“The safety mechanism on the travelator activated and it stopped,” he said.

“He was a lucky little boy,” he said.

Inspector Grassick said busy streets and car parks are also a potential danger area for children during busy times when there is an increased volume of traffic.

“Parents need to remain vigilant at all times when they have their children with them and hold their hand where possible,” he said.

Inspector Grassick said parents also need to be reminded they should not leave children unattended in cars even if they are parked in the shade, following an incident in Orange earlier this week where police were called to a complaint of children left in a vehicle.

“Particularly in this hot weather it is extremely dangerous, and against the law.

A spokesman for Orange City Centre declined to comment on the incident involving the young boy.

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