Ex-mayor fears hangover from Dan Murphy's opening

FORMER Orange mayor Tim Sullivan has warned Orange City Council it’s setting a “dangerous” precedent by allowing Dan Murphy’s to open before the rest of the Summer Centre shopping centre development has been completed.

No longer politically active, Mr Sullivan told the Central Western Daily he tried not to comment on council business, however he felt so strongly about this development he had to speak out.

Mr Sullivan said conditions imposed on the development at the time it was approved stipulated the developer needed to ensure a number of issues, including adequate parking and access to the centre, were addressed, however some of these issues have not been adhered to.

“They [developers PrimeSpace] said the Sale Street entrance was key to the development but it’s not going to be ready when Dan Murphy’s opens,” Mr Sullivan said.

Mr Sullivan said a rush to ensure Dan Murphy’s could access “Christmas trade” meant the development would open months before the site was ready.

“PrimeSpace should have been told to do the lot now, including the Quest Apartments,” he said.

“Council should not be influenced by companies like Dan Murphy’s and PrimeSpace.

“They should be made to comply with the conditions. 

“Council should not kowtow to them.”

Mr Sullivan is concerned that once Dan Murphy’s opens there will be no urgency to push forward with the development.

“Who’s to say we’re not going to have fences up around the site for the next 12 months,” Mr Sullivan said.

“It’s really not right, next council will tell local developers that want to build a block of 10 flats that people can occupy two flats while the others are being built.”

Mr Sullivan said there were plenty of examples of “cheap and nasty” developments in Orange that opened before they were ready.

“A good development is one that keeps Orange prosperous and looking good,” he said.


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