Council unmoved about Scenic Ridge

SCENIC Ridge Residents Group were dealt a blow after Orange City Council said it was not considering a change to the Land and Environment Plan.

Residents are angry there is three proposed subdivision developments in the area, with lot sizes of 2,000 to 4,000 square metres.

Residents believe the sub division would ruin the amenity of the area, destroy vegetation and did not suit the natural topography of the Murphy Lane precinct.

Residents held an information session for councillors to attend at the site of the proposed development on Wednesday in order to educate and influence their decision for when the application comes before council.

Resident Ric Cother said he was pleased with how the meeting went but did not think the group were successful at influencing the councillors.

“I think they’re hedging their bets before they come out with anything,” he said.

Residents on Wednesday said they understood council would consider changing the LEP for the area.

Orange City Council spokesperson Nick Redmond said a change to the LEP was not council’s intention at this time.

“The LEP was on exhibition from December 2010 to February 2011.” he said.

“We did get some submissions from that area.

“That LEP was voted on and passed.”

Mr Redmond said council were aware of the residents’ concerns and will continue to take them on board.

“One of the proposed sub divisions, we didn’t like the look of at all so we told to developer to go back and change it,” he said.

“It didn’t suit the amenity of the area.”

Mr Cother said residents would continue to lobby to have the area re-zoned.

He said council should ask the developers to keep the minimum lot sizes 4,000 square metres, not 2,000. 

“A block of five hectares, that’s what we’ve got now. The way they want it you could fit 30 houses in it,” he said.

“If council wants to keep residents on side and allow some development then they should consider doing that.”

Mr Redmond said residents who live on the outskirts of town need to realise that change is inevitable.

“If you live on the urban fringe of a growing regional city like Orange the time will come when changes are likely in your area,” Mr Redmond said. 


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